If you are made redundant, there is lots to think about at a difficult time.  Find out what your rights are and what procedures must be followed.

Check what redundancy pay you are entitled to.  Find out how to avoid debt, re-train or think about a new career.

This content applies to Wales

Information on when and in what circumstances you can be made redundant and how to recognize unfair dismissal and dismissal due to discrimination.

Information on how employees are selected for redundancy, the dismissal process, notice, redeployment and right to time off to look for another job.

Information on statutory and contractual redundancy pay, including right to redundancy pay, how it is worked out, effect on tax and how to claim if your employer has ceased trading and where to find financial advice.

Information on benefits you may be able to claim if you do not find another job after being made redundant, and advice on dealing with debt.