Garage repairs and services

If you have taken your vehicle to a garage for a repair or service, you may be unhappy with the cost or quality of the work, or the way you've been treated.

Find out what your rights are and what the garage should do to try and put things right.

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This content applies to England

What to do if a garage tries to charge you unfairly for work on your car. Covers your rights if you agreed a price before work was done, rights if you did not agree a price beforehand, charging for extra faults found after the price was agreed and how to dispute a bill.

What to do if you are unhappy about the quality of work done on your car by a garage. Covers getting poor repairs fixed free of charge, getting a second opinion and problems with replacement parts.

What to do if a garage takes too long to repair or service your vehicle. Covers what counts as an unreasonable amount of time, breach of contract and who to approach to claim compensation.

Disputing a garage bill if you think the bill is unreasonable or the quality of the work done is not satisfactory. You’ll have to tell the garage why you think the bill is too high and what you're prepared to pay.

Top tips before taking your car for a repair or service.

Find UK Garages approved by the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair.

What you can do if the spare parts used to repair or service your car are faulty or the garage misled you about the parts they used.

What do if your vehicle is lost stolen or damaged while being serviced or repaired at a garage. Covers checking whether the garage has insurance, or is a member of a trade association and your rights while a vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Decision tree for when you want to complain about the cost of garage repairs or services.