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Education: organisations which give information and advice

General Organisations

The help given by these organisations is free, unless otherwise stated. However, most will make a charge for publications.

ACE Education Advice and ACE Education Training (England and Wales)

Website: www.ace-ed.org.uk

ACE Education Advice and ACE Education Training supports parents and carers of children aged 5-16 in state-funded education in England and Wales by providing online advice and information. Issues covered include exclusion, admissions, special education needs, bullying and attendance. It also provides training for education professionals.

Campaign for State Education (CASE)

98 Erlanger Road
London SE14 5TH
Tel: 07932 149942
E-mail: contact@campaignforstateeducation.org.uk
Website: www.campaignforstateeducation.org.uk

CASE is an organisation which campaigns in England to improve the quality of, and promote equal opportunity in, all state maintained schools. CASE produces a variety of publications and information leaflets and has a number of local associations. A SAE should be enclosed with a written enquiry.

The British Council


10 Spring Gardens
Tel: 020 7930 8466
Fax: 020 7389 6347
E-mail: general.enquiries@britishcouncil.org
Website: www.britishcouncil.org


28 Park Place
CF10 3QE
Tel: 029 2039 7346
Fax: 029 2023 7494
E-mail wales.enquiries@britishcouncil.org
Website: www.britishcouncil.org/wales.htm


The Tun
4 Jackson's Entry
Holyrood Road
Tel: 0131 524 5700
Fax: 0131 524 5701
E-mail: scotland.enquiries@britishcouncil.org
Website: www.britishcouncil.org/scotland.htm

Northern Ireland

The Boat
7th floor
49 Queen's Square
Tel: 028 9019 2200
Fax: 028 9019 2278

E-mail: general.enquiries@britishcouncil.org
Website: www.britishcouncil.org/northernireland.htm

The British Council is the national office for information and advice on all forms of educational visits, exchanges and working holidays. It is a source of contacts, project assistance and representation at national and international level for pupils, students, teachers and young working people. The British Council publishes several guides to educational visits, exchanges and working holidays. These publications are also often available in libraries.

Children's Law Centre (Northern Ireland)

3rd Floor
Philip House
123-137 York Street
BT15 1AB
Tel: 028 9024 5704
Freephone Advice Line: 0808 808 5678
Fax: 028 9024 5679
E-mail: info@childrenslawcentre.org
Website: www.childrenslawcentre.org

The Children's Law Centre helps young people, their parents and professionals understand laws which affect children.

Coram Children's Legal Centre (England only)

Riverside Office Centre
Century House North
North Station Road

Child Law Advice Line: 0808 802 0008
Community Legal Advice Education Law Line: 0845 345 4345 (for those eligible for Legal Aid)
Migrant Children's Project Advice Line: 020 7636 8505
Tel: 01206 714650
Fax: 01206 714660
Email: info@coramclc.org.uk
Website: www.childrenslegalcentre.com
Website for young people: www.lawstuff.org.uk

Coram Children's Legal Centre provides free legal advice and sometimes representation to children and parents on family, child and education law. The Centre has lots of useful factsheets on their website.The Centre also has a specialist helpline for migrant children, their families and advisers.

Children in Wales

25 Windsor Place
CF10 3BZ
Tel: 029 2034 2434
Fax: 029 2034 3134
Email: info@childreninwales.org.uk
Website: www.childreninWales.org.uk

Children in Wales has been responsible for guiding policy decisions that affect young people in Wales. It also provides information on all areas relevant to children and young people.

Twf – In Wales

Helpline: 01745 585 120
Email: twfgweinyddol@cwmni-iaith.com
Website: www.twfcymru.com.

Twf gives advice to parents on the advantages of introducing Welsh at home and on raising their children bilingually. Twf also gives parents support by providing sessions for parents and their babies and giving advice on useful products such as books and CDs.

Children in Northern Ireland

Unit 9
40 Montgomery Road
Tel: 028 9040 1290
Fax: 028 9070 9418
E-mail: info@ci-ni.org.uk
Website: www.ci-ni.org.uk

The Churches' Peace Education Programme (Northern Ireland)

48 Elmwood Avenue
Tel: 028 9066 2992
Fax: 028 9038 2750
Email: icpep@email.com

This organisation develops resources on education for peace and mutual understanding in schools in Northern Ireland.

Education Law Association (ELAS)

33 College Road
Tel/Fax: 0118 966 9866
Email: secretary@educationlawassociation.org.uk
Website: www.educationlawassociation.org.uk

Membership of ELAS is open to anyone interested in education law and consists of legal practitioners, academic lawyers, educational establishments and others who provide educational advice. The organisation aims to promote good practice in educational advice, to develop expertise in the practice of education law and to increase co-operation between lawyers and others working on educational issues. Anyone who wants to consult a solicitor experienced in education law may contact the association at the address above.

Education Law Unit (Scotland)

Govan Law Centre
18-20 Orkney Street
G51 2BZ
Tel: 0141 445 1955
Helpline: 0141 445 1955
Minicom: 0141 445 1955
Fax: 0141 445 3934
E-mail: equality@edlaw.org.uk
Website: www.edlaw.org.uk

The Education Law Unit runs a helpline for enquiries about education law in Scotland. It provides legal representation in education law cases to parents or pupils, including Additional Support Needs Tribunals.

There is also a website dedicated to additional support needs and the law at www.edlaw.org.uk.

Education Otherwise

England and Wales

PO Box 3761

Helpline: 0845 478 6345
E-mail: eoemailhelpline@education-otherwise.net
Website: www.education-otherwise.net


10 Charlton Road
bridge of Allan
Tel/fax: 01786 831066

Education Otherwise give support and information to families whose children are being educated out of school or who are considering home-based education. There are local groups, individual contacts and information leaflets. Education Otherwise can also advise a parent whose child has learning difficulties. If asked at an early stage, they can represent a parent against whom the LEA is taking action on the grounds that a pupil is not receiving a suitable education out of school. Written requests for information should be accompanied by an SAE.

Home Education Advisory Service (England and Wales)

PO Box 98
Welwyn Garden City
Tel: 01707 371 854
Fax: 01707 338467
Email: enquiries@HES.org.uk
Website: www.heas.org.uk

The Home Education Advisory service is a registered charity that gives advice, information and support to parents who are educating their children at home. They produce a range of publications and leaflets and provide consultancy services to professionals. Subscribers to HEAS receive a quarterly magazine, regional membership lists and access to the HEAS Advice Line.

Schoolhouse Home Education Association (Scotland)

Schoolhouse Home Education Association
c/o Eighteen and Under
Room 10, 1 Victoria Road

Website: www.schoolhouse.org.uk

The Schoolhouse Home Education Association gives help to parents or other carers who want to educate their children at home. The website provides useful information about the legal situation and members of the association can answer queries. The aim of the association is to provide support for learning outside the school system.

Independent Schools Council Information Service (ISCis)

ISCis gives advice and information to parents considering private education for children up to the age of eighteen.  Leaflets and publications listing independent schools are available, including information on schools which have facilities for pupils with learning difficulties.  ISCis can give advice on individual school’s scholarship schemes.  Other services, for which a charge is made, include a consultancy and placement service.

The ISCis service operates from five different regional offices in England, as well as from offices in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For contact details of all ISCis services in the UK, go to: www.isc.co.uk.

Potential Plus UK (formerly the National Association for Gifted Children)

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Suite 14, Challenge House
Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 646 433
Website: www.potentialplusuk.org


National Association for Gifted Children in Scotland (NAGCS)
P.O. Box 2024
G32 9YD
E-mail: nagcs.org@btinternet.com

NAGC offers support to parents and others on how to deal with a gifted child from the age of about 18 months to 14 years. Social and educational activities are arranged around the UK for parents and their children. Various publications are available from NAGC.

Gifted Children’s Information Centre (GCIC)

Hampton Grange
21 Hampton Lane
Solihull B91 2QJ
Tel: 0121 705 4547
Fax: 0121 705 4547

GCIC offers a free telephone advice and information service and will deal with written enquiries on receipt of an SAE. Other services, for which a charge is made, include publications and information leaflets, assessment by an independent educational psychologist and representation at special educational needs appeals by an education law specialist. GCIC have a particular interest in dyslexia and left-handedness, Attention deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Asperger syndrome.

Careers Helpline for Young People (England only for people aged 13 - 19)

You can get advice and information on careers, work and learning from the Careers Helpline for Young People if you are a young person aged 13 to 19. The Helpline advisers provide one-to-one confidential information and advice, by telephone, text message, email and webchat between 8.00am and 10.00pm seven days a week. You can find contact details on the .GOV.UK website at www.gov.uk.

National Association of School Governors (NASG) (England only)

2nd Floor SBQ1
29 Smallbrook
B5 4HG
Tel: 0121 643 5787
Fax: 0121 633 7141
E-mail: governorhq@nga.org.uk
Website: www.nga.org.uk

NASG gives information and advice to parents and governors in England on all aspects of being a governor and the work of governing bodies. NASG has local groups, produces a wide range of publications and organises training for governors.

Governors Wales

Ground Floor
3 Oaktree Court
Mulberry Drive
Cardiff Gate Business Park
CF23 8RS
Tel: 029 2048 7858
Helpline: 0845 602 0100
Fax: 029 2048 7843
E-mail: contact@govenorswales.org.uk
Website: www.governorswales.org.uk

Governors Wales provides up-to-date information, advice, guidance and support on all school governance issues. If you’re a governor, they offer you the opportunity to communicate with other governors across and they promote events, conferences and seminars.

Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education

10 Upper Crescent
Tel: 028 9023 6200
Fax: 028 9023 6237

This organisation gives information and advice to anyone interested in setting up integrated schools in Northern Ireland.

Parentzone (Scotland)

A parent can find information about any school in Scotland by visiting the Parentzone section of the Education Scotland website at www.parentzonescotland.com. The information on each school includes exam results and school leaver destinations.

Service Children Education UK (SCE)

Building 31
Worthy Down
SO21 2RG
Tel: 01962 880880

This organisation gives advice and information to members of the Navy, Army and Air Force on their children’s education, up to the age of 18. SCEs liase with LEAs when a member of the armed forces is moved within the UK or abroad. If the posting is abroad, SCE will arrange suitable education for a pupil, either in a local school, at one of SCE’s own overseas schools, at a boarding school in the UK or, if none of these options is possible, by getting the parent’s posting changed.

Scottish Child Law Centre

Scottish Child Law Centre
54 East Crosscauseway
Tel: 0131 677 6333
Freephone (for under 18s): 0800 328 8970
Fax: 0131 662 1713
Email: enquiries@sclc.org.uk
Website: www.sclc.org.uk
LEXTXT: text 'SCLC' then question to 80800

The Scottish Child Law Centre works in partnership with Barnardo's Scotland to provide an advocacy service for parents and young people aged 16 and 17 who want to take a case to the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland.

Young Minds

48-50 St. John Street
Tel: 020 7336 8445
Fax: 020 7336 8446
Parents Helpline: 0808 802 5544
E-mail: enquiries@youngminds.org.uk
Website: www.youngminds.org.uk

Young Minds provides a service for parents or carers of children and young people experiencing difficulties at school owing to mental health problems. Young Minds run a Parent Information Service, a training and consultancy service for professionals, a library and information service and also produce a range of publications. The Parent Information Service is a freephone telephone service for parents and carers with concerns about the mental health or emotional well-being of a child or young person.

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Organisations giving general support to parents and children


Helpline: 0800 1111 (24 hour free advice line)
Website: www.childline.org.uk

Children and young people can ring or write, in confidence, if they need advice or are in trouble or danger. Childline can offer both support and practical help.

Family Lives (England and Wales)

Family Lives offers support to anyone looking after a child. It runs courses for parents, produces books and leaflets and has a free, confidential helpline.

Helpline: 0808 800 2222
Textphone: 0800 783 6783
Website: www.familylives.org.uk

Parentline Scotland

Parentline Scotland is a free, confidential helpline for parents and other carers in Scotland to talk through worries, problems and concerns about caring for children.

Tel: 08000 28 22 33 (Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 12noon-8pm)
Website: www.children1st.org.uk

Parenting NI (Northern Ireland)

Parenting NI
Head Office
2nd Floor
Andras House
60 Great Victoria Street
Tel: 028 9031 0891 (helpline)
Fax: 028 9031 2475
E-mail: Available through a form on the website, at www.parentingni.org/contact
Website: www.parentingni.org

Parenting NI provides support, guidance and counselling

Bullying UK

E-mail: help@bullying.co.uk
Website: www.bullying.co.uk

Bullying UK is a website which gives advice and support to pupils, parents and teachers on ways of dealing with bullying at school. Bullying UK also provides an e-mail advice service.

Respectme (Scotland)

Cumbrae House
15 Carlton Court
G5 9JP
Tel: 0844 800 8600
E-mail: enquire@respectme.org.uk
Text: 'respect' plus message to 60066
Website: www.respectme.org.uk

Respectme is Scotland's national anti-bullying service. It provides advice and guidance on developing and reviewing anti-bullying policies. The website provides information and advice about bullying for professionals, parents and for children and young people. Respectme does not operate a helpline.

Kidscape Campaign for Children's Safety

2 Grosvenor Gardens
Tel: 020 7730 3300
Fax: 020 7730 7081
Helpline: 08451 205 204
Website: www.kidscape.org.uk

Kidscape is a charity working to keep children safe from bullying and child sexual abuse. It provides a helpline offering advice for parents of bullied children.

The Office of the Children's Commissioner for England

33 Greycoat Street

Tel: 020 7783 8330
Fax: 020 7931 7544
E-mail: info.request@childrenscommissioner.gsi.gov.uk
Website: www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk

The Office of the Children's Commissioner for England looks after the interests and acts as the independent voice of children and young people.

Children's Commissioner for Wales


Tel: 0800 801 1000 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm)
Textphone: 80800 and start the message with COM
E-mail: advice@childcomwales.org.uk

South Wales Office

Oystermouth House
Phoenix Way
Tel: 01792 765600
Fax:01792 765601
E-mail: post@childcomwales.org.uk
Website: www.childcom.org.uk

North Wales Office

Penrhos Manor
Oak Drive
Colwyn Bay
LL29 7YW
Tel: 01492 523333
Fax: 01492 523336

The Children's Commissioner for Wales can give children and young people living in Wales advice about their rights and welfare.

Children can use the special freephone and freetext numbers to contact the Commissioner, which won't show up on any phone bill. There's also a special email address for children to use. The service is bilingual and if you want to talk to someone in a language other than English or Welsh, they will try to make this possible.

Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

85 Holyrood Road
Tel: 0131 558 3733
Young People's Freephone: 0800 019 1179
Fax: 0131 556 3378
E-mail: info@sccyp.org.uk
Website: www.sccyp.org.uk

The Commissioner for Children and Young People is an independent person appointed by the Scottish Parliament to safeguard and promote the rights of children and young people. The Commissioner has a duty to involve children and young people in her work and welcomes feedback from children and young people about the issues which are of concern to them. However the Commissioner cannot take up individual cases.

Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY)

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People promotes and safeguards the welfare of children and young people. The casework team can deal with complaints from children and young people about the services they receive or the way they are treated.

Millennium House
17-25 Great Victoria Street
Tel: 028 9031 1616
Minicom: 028 9031 6393
Fax: 028 9031 4545
Email: info@niccy.org
Website: www.niccy.org

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Supervisory and standards setting bodies


Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Tel:0300 123 1231
Email: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk
Website: www.ofsted.gov.uk


Anchor Court
Keen Road
CF24 5JW

Tel: 029 2044 6446
Fax 029 2044 6448
Email: enquiries@estyn.gsi.gov.uk
Website: www.estyn.gov.uk


Education Scotland
Denholm House
Almondvale Business Park
Almondvale Way

Tel: 0141 282 5000
Email: enquiries@educationscotland.gov.uk
Website: www.educationscotland.gov.uk

Northern Ireland

The Education and Training Inspectorate
Inspection Services Branch
Department of Education
Rathgael House
43 Balloo Road
Co Down
BT19 7PR

Tel: 028 9127 9726
Fax: 028 9127 9721
Email: inspectionservices@deni.gov.uk

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Special educational needs organisations

The help given by these organisations is free, unless otherwise stated. However, most will make a charge for publications.

Information, Advice and Support Services

Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Services provide free, confidential and impartial information, advice and support to disabled children and young people, and those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), and their parents. There should be an IAS Service in every local authority.

You can find your local IAS Service on the Information, Advice and Support Services Network website at www.iassnetwork.org.uk.

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA) (England and Wales)

General Advice Line: 0800 018 4016
Tribunal Help Line: 0845 602 9579
Website: www.ipsea.org.uk

IPSEA offers free independent advice and support to parents and carers of children with special educational needs on the duty of local authorities to provide for the educational needs of their children. It can provide advice for parents appealing to the special educational needs tribunal, and in some cases representation for those appeals. They will give free second opinions on a child's needs and what is required to meet those needs.

Resolve: ASL (Scotland only)

In Scotland, Resolve: ASL is a service run by Children in Scotland. It provides free mediation services to parents, carers, children and young people with additional support needs.

Resolve: ASL (Scotland)
Children in Scotland
Level 1
Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

Tel: 0131 313 8844
Website: www.childreninscotland.org.uk/our-services/resolve

SNAP Cymru

SNAP Cymru provides free advice to families who have children with special educational needs in Wales. You can find details about their services on their website at www.snapcymru.org, or you can ring their helpline on 0845 120 3730.

Special Educational Needs Advice Centre (SENAC ) (Northern Ireland)

Graham House
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Saintfield Road
Belfast BT8 8BH
Telephone Advice Line: 028 9079 5779
Fax: 028 9070 5633
Email: info@senac.co.uk
Website: www.senac.co.uk

SENAC is a charity in Northern Ireland providing an independent advice, information and advocacy service for parents of children and young people with special educational needs up to the age of 19 across a wide range of learning difficulties.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE)

New Redland Building
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1QU
Tel: 0117 328 4007
Fax: 0117 328 4005
E-mail: admin@csie.org.uk
Website: www.csie.org.uk

CSIE gives information and advice on the special educational needs of pre-school children and school pupils up to age of 19. CSIE also supports parents’ campaign groups, families and schools, conducts surveys of LEA practice on integration, helps to link those who are running successful integration schemes with those who wish to set up schemes and produces a range of booklets and information factsheets.

Contact a Family


Contact a Family
209-211 City Road

Tel: 020 7608 8700
Fax: 020 7608 8701
Helpline: 0808 808 3555 (Freephone: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm)
E-mail: helpline@cafamily.org.uk
Website: www.cafamily.org.uk


Contact a Family Cymru
33-35 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HB
Tel: 029 2039 6624
Fax: 029 2039 6625
Helpline: 0808 808 3555 (Freephone Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm)
E-mail: wales.office@cafamily.org.uk
Website: www.cafamily.org.uk/wales


Contact a Family Scotland
Craigmillar Social Enterprise & Arts Centre
11/19 Harewood Road
Tel: 0131 659 2930
Fax: 0131 475 2609
Helpline: 0808 808 3555 (Freephone Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm)
E-mail: scotland.office@cafamily.org.uk
Website: www.cafamily.org.uk/scotland

Northern Ireland

Contact a Family Northern Ireland
The Bridge Community Centre
Railway Street
BT28 1XP

Tel: 028 9262 7552
Helpline: 0808 808 3555 (Freephone Mon-Fri9.30am-5.00pm)
E-mail: nireland.office@cafamily.org.uk
Website: www.cafamily.org.uk/nireland

Contact a Family gives advice and information to families with disabled or special needs children. The organisation also provides a range of fact sheets and has a network of volunteer representatives.

Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS)

England, Wales and Scotland

If you have experienced discrimination, you can get help from the EASS discrimination helpline.

More about the EASS helpline

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

England, Wales and Scotland

You can find useful information about discrimination on the EHRC website at www.equalityhumanrights.com.

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

You can get advice and assistance from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. The contact details are:

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
Equality House
7-9 Shaftesbury Square
Tel: 028 9050 0600
Textphone: 028 9050 0589
Enquiry line: 028 90 890 890
Fax: 028 9024 8687
E-mail: information@equalityni.org
Website: www.equalityni.org

The Council for Disabled Children

c/o National Children's Bureau
8 Wakeley Street
Tel: 020 7843 1900
Fax: 020 7843 6313
E-mail: cdc@ncb.org.uk
Website: www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk

The Council for Disabled Children provides an information service to parents and professionals on the needs of disabled pre-school children, pupils and students.

Disability Wales

Bridge House
Caerphilly Business Park
Mid Glamorgan
CF83 3GW

Tel: 029 2088 7325
Fax: 029 2088 8702
E-mail: info@disabilitywales.org
Website: www.disabilitywales.org

This organisation gives information and advice about the needs of disabled pre-school children, pupils and students. Publications and information sheets are available.

Enquire (Scotland)

Children in Scotland
Level 1
Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

Tel: 0131 313 8800
Fax: 0131 337 5050
Helpline: 0845 123 2303
Email: info@enquire.org.uk
Website: www.enquire.org.uk
Website for children and young people: www.enquire.org.uk/yp

Enquire offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning. It also provides a range of easy-to-read guides and factsheets about this.

Disability Action (Northern Ireland)

Portside Business Park
189 Airport Road West
Tel: 028 9029 7880
Textphone: 028 9029 7882
Fax: 028 9029 7881
Email: hq@disabilityaction.org
Website: www.disabilityaction.org

Disability Action can provide general information on the needs of disabled children and pupils.

Linking Education and Disability (LEAD) (Scotland)

Princes House
5 Shandwick Place
Tel: 0131 228 9441
Fax: 0131 229 8082
Email: enquiries@lead.org.uk
Website: www.lead.org.uk

This organisation gives information and advice on educational opportunities for disabled people in Scotland. It can arrange for tutors to visit the homes of housebound students.

Parents for Inclusion

336 Brixton Road
Tel: 020 7738 3888 (office)
Freephone helpline: 0800 652 3145
Fax: 020 7735 3828
Email: info@parentsforinclusion.org
Website: www.parentsforinclusion.org

Parents for inclusion is a self-help organisations giving information, advice and support on education matters to parents of children with learning difficulties. It has parent support groups and can help a parent prepare their representations or case for an appeal. Publications are available.

Action on Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss provides information to deaf and hard of hearing students who are already studying or want to apply to college or university, as well as for parents and teachers of deaf students.

Action on Hearing Loss in England

19-23 Featherstone Street
Tel: 020 7296 8000
Freephone: 0808 808 0123
Textphone: 0808 808 9000
Fax: 020 7296 8199
Email: informationline@hearingloss.org.uk
Website: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk

Action on Hearing Loss in Northern Ireland

Wilton House
5 College Square North
Tel: 028 9023 9619
Text: 028 9031 2033
Fax: 028 9031 2032
Video: 028 9043 8354
Website: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk

Action on Hearing Loss Cymru

16 Cathedral Road
CF11 9LJ
Tel: 029 2033 3034
Textphone: 029 2033 3036
Fax: 029 2033 3035Email: rnidcymru@hearingloss.org.uk
Website: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland

Empire House
131 West Nile Street
G1 2RX
Tel: 0141 341 5330
Textphone: 0141 341 5347
Fax: 0141 354 0176Information Line Freephone: 0808 808 0123
Information Line Textphone: 0808 808 9000
Information Line Fax: 020 7296 8199Website: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk

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Organisations for students

The help given by these organisations is free, unless otherwise stated. However, most will make a charge for publications.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

John Foster House
36 Gordon Square
Tel: 020 7380 6700
Fax: 020 7387 2655
E-mail: info@acu.ac.uk
Website: www.acu.ac.uk

ACU provides an information service about universities in Commonwealth countries. ACU produces a variety of publications, including a Yearbook which contains detailed information on over 200 universities, information sheets on taking a first or higher degree abroad and scholarship guides. ACU also has a reference library which prospective students can use.

The British Council

10 Spring Gardens
Tel: 020 7930 8466
Fax: 020 7839 6347

The British Council offers youth exchange grants to help organised groups of young people, usually between the ages of 14 and 30, to establish continuing links with a group of similar background and interests from another country. In allocating grants, priority is given to new ventures. Applications should be for clearly identified projects.

British Universities Transatlantic Exchange (BUTEX)

London Metropolitan University
166 – 220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB
Tel: 020 7133 2364
Fax: 020 7133 2804
E-mail: butex@londonmet.ac.uk
Website: www.butex.ac.uk

The British Universities Transatlantic Exchange (BUTEX) programme covers some 80 higher education institutions in the UK, most of which have exchange arrangements with universities and colleges in North America.

The Fulbright Commission

62 Doughty Street
Tel: 020 7404 6854
Fax: 020 7404 6834
E-mail: education@fulbright.co.uk
Website: www.fulbright.co.uk

The Fulbright Commission gives information and advice to British students who want to study at an American university. The Commission can also deal with other educational enquiries relating to the USA. Scholarships are available. The Commission has a reference library of university prospectuses and directories which a prospective student can use.

National Union of Students (NUS)


Macadam House
275 Gray's Inn Road
Tel: 0845 521 0262
E-mail: Contact form available on the website
Website: www.nus.org.uk


1 Papermill Wynd
McDonald Road
Tel: 0131 556 6598
Email: mail@nus-scotland.org.uk
Website: www.nus.org.uk/scotland


2nd floor
Cambrian Buildings
Mount Stuart Square
CF10 5FL
Tel: 029 2043 5390
E-mail: office@nus-wales.org.uk
Website: www.nus.org.uk/wales

Northern Ireland

42 Dublin Road
Tel: 028 9024 4641
Fax: 028 9043 9659
Textphone: 028 9032 4878
Email: info@nus-usi.org
Website: www.nistudents.org

The NUS gives information and advice on most educational and welfare issues affecting students, including help to a student who is having a problem getting a grant. The NUS produces a variety of publications and information leaflets. Before approaching the NUS, a student should contact the students’ union at their college.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA)

Fifth floor
Thames Tower
Station Road
Tel: 0118 959 9813
Website: www.oiahe.org.uk

OIA hears complaints from past and present students against institutions for higher education which are members of OIA. A complaint may relate to a course or service provided by an institution, or to a decision by a disciplinary body, but may not relate to academic performance. A student must exhaust the institution's own complaints procedure before contacting OIA.

National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC)

Oriel House
Oriel Road
GL50 1XP
Tel: 0870 990 4088
Fax: 0870 990 1560
E-mail: info@naric.org.uk
Website: www.naric.org.uk

UK NARIC provides an advisory service for people who need to relate overseas academic qualifications to qualifications awarded in the UK. There is a fee charged for this service.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

9-17 Alban’s Place
Tel: 020 7288 4330 (administration only)
Fax: 020 7226 3373
Website: www.ukcisa.org.uk

UKCISA is an independent registered educational charity. It provides support for people who work with international students and acts as a facilitator for the exchange of ideas on international education. Only member organisations can use the UKCISA advice line. Individual international students should consult their local NUS office or, in an emergency, may ring UKCISA on the student advice line, 020 7788 9214 Monday-Friday, 1-4pm only.

Universitas 21

Universitas 21 is a multinational consortium of higher education institutions. It offers students the opportunity to spend time studying abroad. Further information is available at www.universitas21.com.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

PO Box 28
GL52 3LZ
Tel: 0871 468 0 468
E-mail: enquiries@ucas.ac.uk
Website: www.ucas.ac.uk

UCAS is the clearing house for admissions to universities throughout the United Kingdom. It publishes a handbook which gives information about universities and details of courses.

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