Rights at work

Find out about your basic rights at work including information on  wages, holidays and sickness. Learn about the rights of expectant and working parents.

Find out what you should expect from your contract of employment and the rights of agency workers.

This content applies to England

Rights at work including time off work, health and safety, trade unions, harassment and discrimination, Sunday working, notice and whistleblowing.

Information on pay including the right to pay under an employment contract, the national minimum wage, wages for agricultural workers and deductions from pay.

Right to paternity, adoption and maternity leave, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay and statutory maternity pay and right to ask for flexible working after the birth of the baby.

Information on employment contracts including the difference between workers and employees, between employed and self-employed status, changes to contracts, and illegal contracts,employee shareholders.

Information on employer's right to monitor activities at work including phone and email communications and the use of CCTV.