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Working over Christmas

Your rights if you are asked to work on bank holidays during Christmas and New Year.

17 December 2014

Universal Credit - roll out to more jobcentres in the new year

List showing the local authorities and jobcentres that will begin to deliver Universal Credit between February and April 2015.

17 December 2014

Water charges changes for customers of Welsh Water and Dee Valley Water

New rules about providing information about the people who occupy a property.

15 December 2014

NHS low income scheme error

You may be entitled to a payment if you applied between October 2003 and September 2008.

8 December 2014

Civil partners get option to convert to marriage

Same-sex couples will have the option to convert their civil partnership into a marriage, from 10 December.

10 December 2014

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Government plans for benefits, tax and national insurance.

3 December 2014

Christmas shopping tips

Tips to make buying and returning Christmas presents easier.

3 December 2014

Pensions guidance

Citizens Advice will offer free face-to-face guidance on pensions, from April 2015.

3 December 2014

Parcel delivery scams – calling a premium rate number

How to avoid postal delivery scams which ask you to call a premium rate number.

28 November 2014

Shared parental leave

Sharing parental leave and pay with your partner on or after 5 April 2015.

28 November 2014

State Pension is changing

Outlines how state pension will change from 6 April 2016 and who will be affected.

18 November 2014

Drink drive limit to be lowered before Christmas

Drink drive blood alcohol limit being lowered in Scotland, from 5 Dec.

14 November 2014

Immigration checks by landlords

New legal requirement for private landlords to check immigration status before letting a property to them.

12 November 2014

Holiday pay and overtime

Holiday entitlements and what to do if you think you have been underpaid holiday pay.

10 November 2014

Tax return deadlines

Avoid a fine by completing your tax return online before 31 Jan 2015, as the deadline for paper returns has passed.

10 November 2014

Tax - annual summary of what you have paid

HMRC tax summary showing how much tax and NIC you have paid and how it is spent.

5 November 2014

Tax credits - recovery of old debts

Recovery of old tax credit overpayment debts by HM Revenue and Customs, from October 2014.

3 November 2014

More support for separating couples and parents

Help with legal and practical issues for separating couples, from the Ministry of Justice.

31 October 2014

Warm Home Discount – more pensioners to benefit

Help with electricity bills for pensioners and some people on a low income.

29 October 2014

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) medical certificates

Sending in medical certificates (fit notes) to the DWP to support your claim for ESA.

28 October 2014

JSA and ESA waiting days

Waiting days to increase from 3 to 7 days if you’re making a new claim for JSA or ESA.

28 October 2014

Tax refund email scams

Warning from HMRC about scam e-mails promising a tax refund.

21 October 2014

Be an energy shopper!

Ofgem changes to the energy market to help people get a better deal from their energy supplier.

15 October 2014

Electricity rebate

All electricity suppliers are to pay their customers a £12 electricity rebate.

13 October 2014

Pyramid selling – watch out!

Don’t be tempted to join a pyramid selling scheme - you are likely to lose money.

13 October 2014

Wonga – important changes for customers

Wonga has agreed with the Financial Conduct Authority to make changes to how it lends to customers.

3 October 2014

Tax discs - end of the road

From 1 October, you won’t have to display your paper tax disc on your car.

1 October 2014

Getting a fairer deal for prepayment meter energy customers

Support our Fair play for prepay campaign.

1 October 2014

Inheritance: how changes to the intestacy rules may affect you

Spouses and civil partners will receive more if their partner dies without a will.

1 October 2014

Unhappy with a letting agent?

Requirement for letting agents to join a government approved redress scheme for dealing with complaints.

1 October 2014

Unfair trading - new rights for consumers

New rights where a trader has engaged in a misleading or aggressive practice.

1 October 2014

Child Support Agency starts closing cases

CSA has begun closing cases as part of the programme to replace it with the Child Maintenance Service.

24 September 2014

Scam mail

Royal Mail and Trading Standards warn about people being targeted by scam letters.

22 September 2014

Customers of three debt management firms should stop making payments

The Financial Conduct Authority has advised customers to stop making payments to these firms.

19 September 2014

DWP home visits to check your benefits

Home visits by a DWP officer, for some claimants chosen at random to have their benefits checked as correct.

17 September 2014

Using apps safely

Tips for staying safe when using apps on your mobile phone.

17 September 2014

Phones 4U shops close down

Advice for Phones 4U customers, following the announcement that the company has gone into administration.

16 September 2014

Tax credits - did you miss the renewal deadline?

Claiming tax credits if you missed the renewal deadline.

16 September 2014

Thinking of renting privately?

New model tenancy agreement and new voluntary code of practice for landlords and agents.

16 September 2014

Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for 16-19 year olds

Claiming for 16-19 year olds if they are in full-time approved education or training.

9 September 2014

Statement of principles for parcel deliveries now covers the UK

Guidance about deliveries when you've ordered online, especially relevant if you live in a remote area.

4 September 2014

Ante-natal appointments: new right to time off work

A pregnant woman’s husband, civil partner or partner will be able to attend up to two ante-natal appointments from 1 October.

9 September 2014

Citizens Advice celebrates 75 years

Celebrate the Citizens Advice 75th anniversary, by signing the advice for the future pledge.

4 September 2014

Bailiffs on the way? New fact sheet

New factsheet with information about bailiffs and how to deal with them.

27 August 2014

Going to university? Housing tips for students

Housing advice for new students, covering living in university accommodation and renting privately.

14 August 2014

Have you been discriminated against at school or in college?

Updated information about discrimination in education, including how to spot it and action you can take.

13 August 2014

Earlier collection times for Royal Mail post boxes

Changes to collection times and signposting to alternative late collections.

8 August 2014

Discrimination at work

Updated information about discrimination at work, including how to spot it and action you can take.

1 August 2014

Benefits and undeclared income

DWP to use HMRC Real-Time Information to uncover undeclared income, benefit fraud and error.

30 July 2014

Support our Advice for the future campaign

Our campaign to highlight the value of the Citizens Advice service.

25 July 2014

New pension rules - what do they mean for you?

Changes to the way you can access your pension savings, from April 2015.

23 July 2014

Travel app - consumer rights in EU languages

ECC-Net:Travel app to help consumers with their rights abroad in EU languages.

21 July 2014

Your energy rights as a tenant

Tenants and entitlement to switching energy supplier.

16 July 2014

Forced Marriage Awareness Week

Forced Marriage Unit campaign to raise awareness of forced marriage.

8 July 2014

Copycat websites - avoid being conned

Tips to avoid being scammed by mistakenly using copycat websites, instead of official sites.

8 July 2014

Payday lenders - new rules come into force

New rules payday lenders must follow when advertising their products and taking payments.

8 July 2014

Complaints about the NHS and adult social care

New information on how to complain about the NHS and adult social care services.

4 July 2014

Jobcentre Plus withdraws customer access phones

Jobcentre Plus will remove customer access phones from its offices. Wi-fi and internet access will be available.

3 July 2014

Wonga's fake legal letters - are you owed compensation?

Wonga to pay compensation for fake legal letters and refunds for incorrect loan calculations.

3 July 2014

Registering to vote - new changes announced

The introduction of Individual Electoral Registration means that you will have to register to vote yourself.

1 July 2014

Child maintenance - what's changing?

Introduction of fees and charges for parents wanting to use the 2012 Child Maintenance Service.

1 July 2014

Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit – new residence condition

New rules mean that you must have been living in the UK for three months before you can get Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit.

1 July 2014

Students - looking for new accommodation?

Tips for students looking for private rented accommodation.

30 June 2014

Flexible working right extended

Right to ask to work flexibly extended to those who have worked for their employer for at least 26 weeks.

25 June 2014

Have you found it difficult to claim PIP?

Help and advice for claiming PIP.

20 June 2014

Universal Credit is extended to new areas in north west England

Universal Credit is being rolled out to more districts in the North West.

20 June 2014

Family mediation - updated information

Updates to video and leaflet on family mediation.

19 June 2014

Have you had a DWP letter about the National Careers Service?

Letters from the DWP, offering tax credits claimants help to improve their job prospects and increase earnings.

19 June 2014

Court fees - changes to how to get help with payment

New guidance on court fees and remission form from 30 June.

17 June 2014

Relationship breakdown and your home

Your housing rights if you decide to split up from your spouse or partner.

17 June 2014

Shopping online or in the home – more protection for consumers

New rules to protect you when you shop online, at home or download digital content.

10 June 2014

Checklist for renting

Summary of your rights and responsibilities if you are renting in England.

10 June 2014

Have you received a PAYE tax calculation?

Checking the entries on a P800 tax calculation and what to do if there are mistakes.

27 May 2014

Universal Credit and sanctions - what you need to know

New information for people on Universal Credit who have been sanctioned.

27 May 2014

Have you been offered a free pension review out of the blue?

Warning about free pension advice offered via an unexpected contact.

23 May 2014

Debt management firm Debt Help & Advice Ltd stops trading

Debt management plan companies cease trading - action customers should take.

22 May 2014

Keep track of your ESA claim with our new claimant diary

Record important details of your claim and help us push for change in how ESA is claimed.

21 May 2014

Have you been discriminated against by a trader or service provider?

Help if you have been discriminated against when buying goods, or using services or public transport.

16 May 2014

Mental health app for veterans

Free mental health awareness app for armed forces veterans.

13 May 2014

Debt relief order - is it right for you?

How to decide whether getting a debt relief order is the best way for you to deal with you debt problems.

14 May 2014

Child abuse – advice and support

Advice for people affected by child abuse, including sources of help and support.

9 May 2014

Early conciliation compulsory from 6 May

From 6 May you must contact Acas to start early conciliation before making a claim to an Employment Tribunal.

6 May 2014

Your rights at work

Find out about your rights at work and how the law protects you.

5 May 2014

Using Search in Adviceguide

Hints and tips on using Search in Adviceguide

1 May 2014

Spot scams! Stop Scams!

News of Scams Awareness month and tips on how to spot a scam and protect yourself from scammers.

1 May 2014

Thinking about getting a mortgage?

Tougher checks on borrowers' finances may make it harder to get a mortgage, from 26 April.

26 April 2014

Scammers cashing in on Green Deal

Warning of scam charging an up-front fee for Green Deal home improvements, which do not get done.

24 April 2014

Family law reforms – what’s changing?

Summary of changes to family law and introduction of the Family Court, from 22 April.

17 April 2014

New rules for bailiffs come into force

Changes to the rules bailiffs must follow when collecting payment for a debt, from 6 April.

6 April 2014

FCA takes over regulation of consumer credit firms

FCA replaces OFT and introduces new rules for payday lenders and debt management companies.

1 April 2014

Acas helpline number changes

The Acas helpline and its Equality and Redundancy helpline numbers have changed.

24 March 2014

Better speech to text phone services

Text relay service for people who have trouble hearing or speaking when using the phone.

18 March 2014

Is your mobile provider treating you fairly?

Consumer International's campaign for a fair deal for mobile phone users.

14 March 2014

Domestic Violence – new measures introduced to protect victims

'Clare's Law' scheme allows people to find out from police if their partner has a history of domestic violence.

13 March 2014

Same-sex couples weddings to take place from March

Same sex couples will have the right to get married, from 29 March.

13 March 2014

Understanding your customers’ rights

Check whether your business complies with consumer law.

10 March 2014

Housing Benefit - social sector size restrictions and disability discrimination

Ruling that Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy does not unlawfully discriminate against disabled adults.

7 March 2014

Information for disabled people employing a carer or personal assistant

Enhanced Disability Tax Guide website for disabled people taking on a carer or personal assistant.

5 March 2014

NHS England plans to collect and share GP medical records

NHS plan to share your personal data from medical records and how to opt out.

5 March 2014

If you miss an ESA medical assessment

DWP guidance on what count as good reasons for missing ESA medical assessments.

4 March 2014

Help if you’ve been affected by flooding

Information, advice and financial help for people affected by flooding.

13 February 2014

If personal or financial data gets into the wrong hands – what you can do

Protecting yourself if you think a bank or company has failed to keep your personal or financial information safe.

12 February 2014

Tax guide for students

New website giving information for students, on how to deal with tax issues.

12 February 2014

Debt management plan (DMP) – is it right for you?

Find out if a debt management plan could be a solution for your debt problems.

6 February 2014

Tell us about your experience of claiming ESA

Call for stories to support a campaign to improve the ESA claims process.

4 February 2014

Tax guidance for migrants

Free online tax information to help migrants with UK tax affairs.

4 February 2014

Problems with repairs?

New information on problems with repairs in rented accommodation.

16 January 2014

Disability Living Allowance reassessments for Personal Independence Payment

Areas where PIP will be introduced for existing DLA claimants over 16, from 13 January.

6 January 2014

Help from foodbanks

Help with emergency supplies if financial problems mean you are struggling to afford food.

16 December 2013

Payday loans - don't let short term debt lead to long term problems

What to do if you are struggling to pay back a payday loan and video on the rules payday lenders must follow.

5 August 2013

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