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Holding letter

You can use this letter to ask creditors to hold off for a short period while you work out your budget or get advice.

This template is to be used for guidance and may not suit your specific situation. If you require more detailed advice and guidance, you can get more help.

If you need more help on using this tool, or you want to read about circumstances when you might use it, see Guidelines for using the letter templates.


66 Heron Street

Liable Loans plc
123 Green Lane

19 April 2015

Your reference: LL/ANO/Reminder1

Dear Sir/Madam

Account name: A.N. Other
Account number: 12345678

I am sorry that I am unable to keep up my monthly payments to your company. This is because I am sick and unable to work. I have claimed benefits and am waiting to hear the outcome of my claim. My situation is unlikely to improve for at least 3 months.

I am writing to all my creditors asking for details of the balance outstanding on my accounts. Once I have this information I will be able to work out how much I can afford to pay to each creditor. As it may take a little time for all my creditors to reply, it would be helpful if you could hold action on my account for two months and agree to freeze interest and other charges to stop my debt increasing. If you are unable to agree to this, please explain your reasons.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Other

Citizens Advice

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