Furniture, household goods and clothing

Find out how to deal with specific problems with household goods and clothing.  For example, problems with furniture and carpets, electrical and gas appliances, clothing and shoes.

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This content applies to England

Dealing with problems when you buy new or secondhand furniture if the delivery was delayed or the furniture arrived damaged or wasn’t what you ordered or is not fire resistant, and how to get grants and loans for furniture.

Checking your upholstered furniture meets fire resistance standards and what to do if you think it isn’t.

Dealing with problems when you get carpets fitted if the delivery is delayed, the carpets arrive damaged, you don’t get what you ordered or they don’t fit properly.

Dealing with faulty electrical and gas appliances, dangerous and unsafe appliances, delivery problems and problems with the trader.

Dealing with faulty, unsafe or dangerous freezers and fridges, and problems with delivery.

Dealing with problems with clothes and shoes if they are faulty or if you change your mind and want to take them back, being given credit notes, and problems with distance sales and pricing of goods.