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Do I have to take a credit note if I return goods?

This information applies to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you take goods back to the seller because they are of unsatisfactory quality, not fit for their purpose or do not match their description then you do not have to accept a credit note, you are within your legal rights to ask for your money back.

However, if you accept a credit note when you were entitled to your money back, you cannot later change your mind unless you can prove that you were forced to accept the credit note by the seller.

If you have taken goods back to a seller because you simply changed your mind about them, for example you did not really like the colour, then you would have no legal right to ask for your money back. If the seller is offering you a credit note in these circumstances they are doing more than is required by the law.

For more information on credit notes, see Common problems with products.

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