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About this site


The Adviceguide website is the main public information service of Citizens Advice, providing people with round-the-clock access to CAB information on their rights - including benefits, housing and employment, and on debt, consumer and legal issues.

We aim to empower people by providing them with the information they need to solve their own problems and to signpost them to appropriate advice when necessary. Adviceguide helps you to have a better understanding of your rights and entitlements, and also to take the first steps in resolving your problems.

The information in this website is for general guidance on your rights and responsibilities. If you need more details on your rights or legal advice about what action to take, please contact an advisor or solicitor.

For help on choosing and using a solicitor, go to ‘Using a solicitor’ in Adviceguide.

Where appropriate, you are clearly directed to additional sources of expert advice, so you can find further help on questions. And there are links to the directory of CAB services across the UK throughout the website, helping you to find details of your nearest bureau.

The Adviceguide website is published in English and Welsh, and covers the law in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. FAQs are also available in ethnic community languages (Chinese, Bengali, Gujerati, Punjabi, and Urdu) in each topic section.

Some sections have links to fact sheets that have been written on various debt and consumer issues. These can be downloaded using Acrobat Reader (please see the Help section for more details).

The site is updated monthly so as to maintain its accuracy and reliability, with 'What’s New' and 'Coming Soon' information added whenever relevant and timely. In addition to these regular updates, we have a rolling programme of enhancements to the website, with regard to both content and usability.

The Information Department team at Citizens Advice is responsible for producing the content of this website. The head of this team can be contacted at -

Head of Information
Information Department
Citizens Advice
3rd Floor North
200 Aldersgate Street

Complaints procedure

We see complaints as an important source of feedback about the services provided by Citizens Advice in general, and Adviceguide in particular. Our aim is to respond to the concerns of users as speedily, effectively, and fairly as possible through both formal and informal processes.

If you have a complaint about the Citizens Advice service or a particular bureau, you should use our complaints form on the Citizens Advice corporate site:

If you have a complaint about the Citizens Advice consumer service, you should complete the feedback form about the consumer service:

If you have a complaint about:

  • the content on this website
  • an email in response to your Contact Us form

and you are not satisfied with how it has been handled, you can make a complaint that will be dealt with using our formal complaints process. You can do this by -

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receiving your letter or email, and send a full response within 20 working days.

Discrimination policy

Citizens Advice works to promote fair and equal treatment for all our clients and the users of our websites.

We do not discriminate, or tolerate discriminatory behaviour, because of race, colour, sex, gender identity (transgender), disability, nationality, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief, family status, sexuality, age, social class, educational background, employment status, working patterns or trade union membership.

We try to make sure that the information on Adviceguide meets the needs of all sections of the community. If you experience discrimination in any area of your life, we tell you how to make a complaint or take further action. Please get in touch with us if you feel that any of our information does not meet these standards or if information about discrimination is missing.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is the national association for Citizens Advice Bureaux across England and Wales - setting and monitoring standards, providing support, guidance and services.

The governing body of Citizens Advice is a Trustee Board whose members are both company directors and charity trustees. The Trustee Board is responsible for supporting the aims and principles and developing a strategy for the CAB service. The Board delegates operational and staffing matters to the Chief Executive of Citizens Advice.

It receives funding from government and other sources to cover the cost of the organisation and to support the services provided to affiliated Citizens Advice Bureaux. Citizens Advice operates broadly under similar rules and regulations to those governing executive Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) and, as such, it is subject to a comprehensive review every five years.

Our aims and principles

We aim to:

  • provide the advice people need for the problems they face
  • improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.

Citizens Advice

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