School education

Find out about children’s rights to education. Learn about home education and school admissions policies.

Find out what to do about problems at school such as truancy and bullying. Learn how you can get help with school costs, including free school meals, clothing and transport.

Mae'r cynnwys hwn yn berthnasol i Gymru

Explains at what age a child must, by law, start receiving an education, and the age at which they can leave school. Also explains the responsibilities of a local authority and parents to make sure children are educated.

Information on types of schools including schools maintained by the local authority and independent schools.

Information on procedures for dealing with a problem at school including harassment and discrimination, bullying, truancy and exclusion.

Information on free school meals and milk, help with school uniform, transport to school and discretionary grants.

Cyngor a chymorth os oes gan eich plentyn anghenion addysgol arbennig a beth fedrwch chi ei wneud os nad ydych yn hapus gyda'r cymorth y mae'n ei gael yn yr ysgol.